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Ferric Chloride Anhydrous

Name:Ferric Chloride Anhydrous Chemical Name:Iron (III) chloride, Ferric chloride, Anhydrous ferric chloride, Iron chloride anhydrous CAS NO.:7705-08-0 EINECS:231-729-4 HS.CODE:282739900 1.Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 96% Component Range Typical Ferric chloride(Fecl3)w/% 96.0 min 96.37% Ferrous chloride(Fecl2)w/% 2.0 max 2.0% Insoluble residue w/% 1.5max 1.0% 2.Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 98% Component Range Typical Ferric chloride(Fecl3)w/% 98.0min 98.37% Ferrous chloride(Fecl2)w/% 1.0max 0.5% Insoluble residue w/% 1.0max 1.0% Application Water treatment Ferric chloride anhydrous used to form floc out of the effluent and make the effluent transparent & free from impurities. Metallurgical industry Ferric chloride anhydrous is corrosive for electronic printed board, chlorinating agent. Dye industry Used as oxidant and mordant. Organic synthesis Used as catalyst, oxidant, and chlorinating agent Print industry Necessary for the etching of photogravure plates for printing photographic and fine art images in intaglio and for etching rotogravure cylinders used in the printing industry. Medicine Used in veterinary practice to treat overcropping of an animal's claws, particularly when the overcropping results in bleeding. Raku ware firing Used in a technique of Raku ware firing, the iron coloring a pottery piece shades of pink, brown, and orange. Other uses Used for making ferric salt, pigment as raw material. Packing: In net 50kg drums. 23MT/20FCL.

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Zhengzhou Welcom Tech. Co., Ltd
[China, Zhengzhou]
ZHENGZHOU WELCOM TECH. CO. LTD, Welcom is a professional manufacturer and exporter of chemicals raw materials ,especially Plastic & Paint Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Rubber auxiliary. Dyestuffs & Dye Intermediates,etc.

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